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De Havilland Club News…
Club Officials Chairman Michael Ramsden Secretary Carole Snow Treasurer Ian Gray
The objects of the Club are: To afford members the facilities for meeting together for the purpose of advancing the object of the Association. Of fostering good fellowship and of perpetuating and advancing the spirit of comradeship formed during service with Her Majesty’s Air Forces. Provide means of recreation and the other advantages of a social club for its members and their guests Provide catering and refreshment facilities. To achieve these objects your club committee strive to run a friendly and welcoming club offering all manner of refreshments, both hot and cold at extremely competitive prices, and to provide appropriate entertainment from time to time. -------------------------------------------------------------- Some dates for your Diary (Covid Permitting) 26th June…  Quiz night starting at 8pm, £4 for a table of 4                    All proceeds will go to the fund for Henry's memorial stone at the National Arboretum 17th July…   Prize Bingo starting at 8pm 31st July…   This is a special party to celebrate Tony Cunnington winning the bonus ball at last.                    For those who are not in the know Tony never won whilst he was alive and always                    said he would hold a party. After we lost him his number was kept up until it won.                    FREE NIGHT FOR ALL MEMBERS, starting at 7.30pm 21st August. Film Night, 8:00pm start 4th Sept…     Giant Birthday party with John Barry for all those birthday parties missed during                     lockdowns, starting at 7.30pm.
Our new Club Chairman Michael Ramsden has many ideas for events and outings, some of which are advertised in the club so come along and make your choice.